Barbecue grill

Our modular outdoor kitchen with focus on grilling


Vulcanus (grill variant)

Technical data:
Material: stainless steel or Corten steel
Height: 115 cm
Diameter 74 cm
Weight: approx. 85 kg

The illustration contains accessories.


made of stainless steel


made of Corten steel


Grills accessories

We offer the following accessories for all barbecue fireplaces with emphasis grill:

grill grate, stainless steel 1

wok pan steel / enamelled 2

electric grill spit 3

steak pan steel / enamelled 4

fat tray, stainless steel 5

charcoal bowl, steel 6

smoking box, stainless steel 7

pizza stone 8

giant pan, iron 10

adapter 50 / 100 / 150 cm 11

stainless steel cover 12


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